Panna Cotta Fever

Cardamom Yogurt Panna Cotta


About a week ago Curly did a catering gig with another friend, Elizabeth, an amazing cook and great chef to work an event with. He could not stop talking about this dessert served at the catering gig going on and on about how wonderful and perfect it was and could not wait to try making it in his kitchen.  He did mention the name of the dessert but I’m not good with names and had a hard time remembering it.


Yam Mousse

When I was a little girl my grandmother always told me my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I wonder if that was because I tended to take a bigger serving than I could eat often leaving food on my plate then getting grandma to rub my upset tummy while I quietly seethed because I had no room left for dessert - pretty traumatic for a kid who lived for dessert. Since dessert after dinner was the golden rule of the house, it wasn't till I took my first trip to Europe at the ripe age of 24 that I was able to get satisfaction by eating dessert before my meals!