House Delivery

Last night I had a personal house delivery from Chez CurlyChez Curly is the best restaurant in town and is normally hosted at Chez Calamari's the best atmospheric guru in town.


I am so lucky to have great friends and exes in my life.  Needless to say, I was the only women present and aside from a few snide remarks, I was treated like a Queen! So I was attended to by all my husbands; Curly, Calamari, Chaz, my ex, who's babysitting me as I learn to gimp through life as I recuperate from a foot operation.


My feet have always been the bane of my existence, put it this way, anyone with a foot fetish will not be knocking down my door.  For years I've been having problems with my little footsies and this year I finally got the opportunity to fix one of the poor little guys.  It seems that the arthritis in my big toe wore out the cartilage in the joint and the bone spurs did nothing to help the situation.  I don't feel like getting too graphic but I'm sure you get the picture.  Getting to the point, I must not put any weight on my right foot for 3 months ... yep, you heard me right, 3 freaking long months learning to maneuver on crutches and a knee walker.


As a result, Chaz, my ex-husband of less than two years but separated for almost 8 years, came to help me for the first couple of weeks as I adjust to being somewhat of an invalid.  I won't lie, it was rough sailing at first and he earned the name of "Carefaker"; but as usual we somehow worked through it and reached a good place.  I'm getting use to bossing him around and will have to figure out how to boss myself around when he's gone.


Everyone's been great and checking in on me. I also got meals & treats from different friends and family and once Chaz leaves, volunteers to help me out ... I love my friends & family!


Going back to a comment I made earlier about Calamari, Curly and Chaz being my husbands, of course, their is a story behind that.


When I was breaking up with Chaz back in 2002, I first met Calamari then Curly through art classes at City College.  We quickly became friends and I've adopted them as my family/husbands.  Depending on how either one treats me determines which will be husband #1 or husband #2.  Chaz, on the other hand, has been eternally regulated to being husband #0 since we don't live together and husbands #1&#2 normally feed me but, I must say, that I'm thinking of promoting him half a notch for putting up with me these past couple of weeks.


Oh yeah, I love food and Curly is an excellent cook.  Calamari is pretty good too as is Chaz, but both are not as experimental nor innovative in the kitchen as Curly is. Amongst our friends, eating at Calamari and Curly's is pure pleasure and their kitchen has been dubbed "Chez Curly," the best restaurant and eating experience in town.


Well, enough of 'this' for now and I'll be posting 'that' soon.

nice blog

love it!  cannot wait to see some of those great recipes!!!

Cooking skills

For sure, Curly is a fantastic cook.  But you are still the best cook I have ever known.  No offense to all the excellent cooks and pretenders.