Ode to Maturity

There's something about aging that I love.  Yeah, there's a lot of hype about youth and let's face it, most societies are obsessed with staying young; constantly searching for the eternal fountain of youth.


Everywhere I turn, there are ads trying to convince me to get a little tuck here and there or wooing me to buy the latest anti aging creams.  Personally, I prefer looking into a weathered face to that of an unblemished one.  Don't get me wrong, I do admire seeing the freshness and perfection of a young body and many times I have enviously looked at the tightness of a young women as she passes by and constantly criticize my body ... but this is just the cycle of life.  It's just that the older you get, the more character you build and that experience is reflected in your physical being and in your eyes.


I just watched Usher's, OMG video and this was the first time I considered him sexy.  Yes, he is still full of himself but at least now he's got some sort of presence that can only be acquired with age and experience.  Looking into his eyes I sensed some sadness, determination and simply put, someone who has lived.  Now he looks more like a man rather then a boy trying to act and look like a man.  His face has lost some of the baby fat and is leaner which I find much more interesting.