Yam Mousse

When I was a little girl my grandmother always told me my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I wonder if that was because I tended to take a bigger serving than I could eat often leaving food on my plate then getting grandma to rub my upset tummy while I quietly seethed because I had no room left for dessert - pretty traumatic for a kid who lived for dessert. Since dessert after dinner was the golden rule of the house, it wasn't till I took my first trip to Europe at the ripe age of 24 that I was able to get satisfaction by eating dessert before my meals!


In celebration of that little girl still lurking somewhere inside of me, my first recipe will naturally be a dessert. But, since we all know how cruel mother nature can be and how she will actually collaborate with gravity to sabotage our stomachs and thighs, I shall appease her by introducing my not too sweet and not too heavy but, yes, very satisfying take on the traditional yam pie. While I'm at it, I decided to be very P.C. (hope you're reading this Jane) and provided two alternative crusts (2 & 3) for those of you who are wheat challenged.


Yam Mousse

(serves 6)

1    1.20 oz yam (two medium sized) wrapped in foil paper and roasted in 375°

     oven for 2 hrs
3    Tbsp butter (salted) melted
2    eggs yolks creamed to a light yellow
3    egg whites whipped to stiff peaks
1/4  tsp each:
     allspice or cloves
     mace or nutmeg
     grated fresh ginger (best if frozen)
1    tsp liquor (frangelica, amaretto)
Crust 1
5    graham crackers (crush or put in blender)
4    tbsp butter (melted)
or use these variations which I haven't tried yet
Crust 2
    hazelnuts or pecan (crush or put in blender)
    brown sugar
Curst 3
    hazelnuts or pecan (crush or put in blender)
    apple - sliced
1/4  c. heavy cream
1    Tbsp yogurt
1    tsp honey
1    tsp liquor
Caramel Sauce
4    Tbsp butter
1/3  c. brown sugar
2    tsp rum
1-2  Tbsp plain yogurt or Topping
crystallized ginger sliced thinly
roasted pecan or hazelnut dipped in caramel sauce or
kiwi sliced (1/4”) and quartered
Preheat oven to 375º
pour heavy cream into stainless steel mixing bowl and set aside in refrigerator along with wisk.

mix graham crackers with butter
press down on individual ramekins
set aside

press baked yams through sieve
add butter and  grated ginger, mix well
add creamed egg yolks and mix well
mix in liquor
sprinkle clove, mace and cinnamon
fold in egg yolks in three parts
pour into prepared ramekins
bake for 20-30 minutes or till top has thin crust

whip heavy cream till firm
add yogurt and whip for 10-20 seconds
add honey and whip for additional 10-20 seconds
mix in liquor till well incorporated
Caramel Sauce

melt butter in small sauce pan with brown sugar on medium low fire
stir till sugar has melted
stir in yogurt and continue stirring for 1 minute
set aside
Putting it together

let mousse cool down before adding topping
place a spoonful of whip cream on top of mousse
drizzle warm caramel sauce over whip cream
sprinkle sliced crystalized ginger on top of sauce
place nut or kiwi on top